Rainy Day Inspiration

Hey folks! Just a quick note because I know that the rainy days can be harder than the sunny ones! Here's a couple of things to get you through until the sun comes back this weekend:

First, the YMCA has created a bunch of great home fitness programs that are all available here. This is a great way to get some DPA without going outside!

Second, the Adjala Tosorontio Fire Department is running a drawing contest. Here's the message they sent Mr. Stevenato:

I suppose you or your parents could post your drawing to your own social media, or if you like you can send your entry to me and I can post it to our class Twitter page.

Last thing... here is our official IXL leaderboard from last week. They don't send me the weekly leaderboard until Monday afternoon, so I'm not able to share these on Sunday nights. This is for the week ending April 26. There's been lots of activity since then so who knows who will take this week's crown!

Keep up the great work everyone. I have been really pleased with how engaged you all are with your distance learning. You're all awesome and I appreciate it!

Mr Holden

It's important that we keep in touch!

Send me an email at bholden@scdsb.on.ca

I will be checking emails between 9 and 3:30 on "school days." If you need some face-to-face help, we can schedule a Google Hangout... just shoot me an email to set one up!


I will also be setting up some times for us to meet as a class on Google Hangouts. I'll let you know when I have a schedule figured out!

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