Week 11 - June 15 to 19

Well folks we are getting AWFULLY close to the end of the year. This week I'd like you to shift gears and start working on your final Genius Hour products. We'll also start Season Two of Mars Patel, and do a bunch of review in Math. Assignments have been posted in our Classroom.

Thanks as always for all of your work. Just think: summer holidays are just around the corner!

Take care,

Mr. Holden.

It's important that we keep in touch!

Send me an email at bholden@scdsb.on.ca

I will be checking emails between 9 and 3:30 on "school days." If you need some face-to-face help, we can schedule a Google Hangout... just shoot me an email to set one up!


I will also be setting up some times for us to meet as a class on Google Hangouts. I'll let you know when I have a schedule figured out!

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