Week One - April 6 to April 10

Hello everyone!

I'm going to write these posts as if I'm writing to students, but will include parent/guardians in all correspondence too.

Okay, without further delay, here are your instructions for our first week of distance learning.

Log into our Google Classroom, and you should see two assignments there for you, one for Math and one for Language.

Within each assignment, you will find a Google Slideshow. This is for you to open and follow along with as the week goes on. I have divided both the Math and Language slideshows into daily tasks, but I want to repeat that I'm doing it this way to be as flexible as possible. Go through the work at your own pace, as I understand that each family situation is different these days. I'll leave it to you and your parents to budget your time so that you can get it all done by Friday.

In addition to the Google Slideshow, each assignment has a "Week One" Google Doc. When you click on these documents, your own copy will be generated within your Google Drive. I want you to do your work throughout the week in this document. You can open and close it as you go, but I DO NOT want you to turn it in to me until you are done all of the week's work. On Friday, when you are done everything, press the "Turn In" button and submit your work. Once you've done this, you will not be able to edit your document anymore. PLEASE make sure you use the "Turn In" button as opposed to sharing the document with me. This will keep all of your work within the assignment and make it easier for me to keep track of.

In the Language assignment you will also find a "Week One Reading Log." This one works the same as the Doc we just talked about. Fill it out as the week progresses and "Turn it in" on Friday.

That's all for now, folks. I fully expect there to be lots of issues as we get this going this week, so don't hesitate to email me if you have any problems. I've tried to keep the workload pretty light this week, so hopefully everything will go smoothly in that department.

If you are stuck on a concept and need some one-on-one help, please send me an email and we can set up a Google Hangout and talk face to face. I must warn you, though, I'm looking a bit shaggy these days... I can't seem to talk my wife or my daughters into giving me a haircut!

Good luck to everyone. Remember, don't stress too much about this stuff. The Ministry guideline is for one hour a day for Grade 6s and 1.5 to two hours a day for Grade 7s. I've tried to plan within these time constraints, but we may need to fine-tune things as we go on.

Please make sure you get outside and get some fresh air and exercise throughout the week as well, especially with the weather looking so nice.

Talk to you all soon!

Mr. H.

It's important that we keep in touch!

Send me an email at bholden@scdsb.on.ca

I will be checking emails between 9 and 3:30 on "school days." If you need some face-to-face help, we can schedule a Google Hangout... just shoot me an email to set one up!


I will also be setting up some times for us to meet as a class on Google Hangouts. I'll let you know when I have a schedule figured out!

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